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Аркадий Петрович

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1. Why this section was created?

It is not a secret that the remains of the soldiers that were in service of foreign armies (German, Romanian, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovak and others) may be occasionally found along with the remains of Soviet soldiers in very different regions of Russia or even abroad. Meanwhile, there is a vast scope of questions that may arise in connection with clarifying of dugouts, attempts to identify the fallen soldiers and reveal their fates and etc.

As we can see much of the valuable and sometimes unique search material has been presented in the “Military archaeology” section. Although, as the time passes by, old posts and threads are going down and being forgotten, while some new members of forum ask for the matters that have been previously discussed in details.

As the result it was decided to create this new section.

2. Purposes of this section.

Main principle: free discussion, demonstration of search material of any kind and nature (photos, descriptions etc.), methods, geographical aspects and any other matters, directly connected with search, recovery, exhumation and identification of the soldiers that have met their fate in wars or local conflicts since 1900 till nowadays.

3. We hereby underline and bring your attention to the following:

(a) Any flood containing the discussion of moral aspects of the “grave digging”, “grave robbing” and other concomitant matters so beloved by the journalists and other chatterboxes shall be moved to the relevant section – “Flood”.

(b ) The discussion should be conducted in polite and correct form.

© This section is post-moderated and in “critical situations” moderator reserves the right to intervene into discussion and make necessary corrections.

4. If any member does not write Russian he (she) may feel free to write in English.



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